It's finally your time to create.

It's a great time in our lives to enjoy friendships, rekindle creativity, and learn new skills.  Sips&Skills brings back the feeling of finger-painting in kindergarten, making fudge with your grandma and the thrill of learning a new skill for the first time. Come to one of our warm and welcoming events where you will create, learn and most importantly come together for an evening of fun and friendship.



Great News! 

New opportunity to DIY, click here for more info.




This beautiful woven reed heart is made by weaving the reeds around a custom made metal design. The natural colors of the reeds make each heart unique.

Cost $25 per person 



wood cottage

We custom cut these adorable wooden houses.  You get to DIY them and create your dream house, vacation house childhood home...   

Cost: $29 per person


Fall ‘Peace’ SErving Plate

Create this beautiful Fall ceramic serving plate. Use it every time you want to serve up some Peace.

Cost: $20.00 per person



Reasons to Sip & Skill 

(as if you needed one)

A Sips and Skills craft, can be added to pretty much any type of occasion. 

bridal shower

Girls night

 Baby reveal

Bachelorette party

Family fun night

Couples night

Block party

Housewarming party

Team building activity

Company Retreat

Holiday party

Boys/Girls Scout activity

New Business opening

Business promotion